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Chinese characters “Hu Yue” is literal translated into “Tiger Leap” for easier read and remember by our customer and the visitors to our website. Our factory was established in 2006 by two engineers. In 2010, we specialized in producing the axles of all kinds of wheeled bins. Now we are the most professional and trustworthy manufacturer in the industry of wheelie bin axles.


  • hollow bin axle

    Axis of wheelie bins
    The plated thickness is 5-12μm.
    Salt spray test is 72~96 hours.
    Max tension load test is 22KN ...
  • Metal Stamping

    Precision sheet metal stamping parts be designed by buyer's requirement with factory price

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Contact person:Eric Liu

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Email: hysales@tigerleapaxles.com
Website: www.tigerleapaxles.com

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