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As the development of wheelie bin industry, the component of wheelie bins –axle has been improved accordingly. The traditional solid axles have gradually been replaced by lighter hollow axles. For the hollow axles, there are two main processes in the current market: one is riveting, the other is welding, but no matter how different these two processes, their greatest common ground is that the whole axis is composed of two parts. This consists of two parts of the shaft has got two problems: one is the head tube connected into the main part easily falls off; The second is the the plating liquid will seep into the pipe when plating, so that the axle easily oxidized corrosion. The two issues are the difficulty cases universal in existence of the production of axles.

With years of experience and technological innovation, our factory now achieves the integration production of the axles, which is the axis shaped by a whole entire tube. This technology makes our axles stronger corrosion resistance, greater tensile strength compared with traditional hollow axles.  Our hollow axles will have the same life and performance as solid axles. So choose us , you choose profession and better quality.

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